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Happy Meeting

Happy Meeting Love Rose With Suction

Happy Meeting Love Rose With Suction

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This beautiful rechargeable rose hides a fantastic surprise: 10 wild functions of pulsating air pressure!

Feel thrumming, fluttering, pulsing puffs of air right where you need it for toe curling ecstasy and thrill it from all angles. The air gives your clitoris a gentle yet ultra-effective stimulation for intense orgasms. It even works underwater for bath or shower time pleasure!

  • Rechargeable rose shaped air pulsing clitoral suction stimulator in smooth silicone
  • 10 functions of pulsating air stimulation: 3 steady speeds + 7 patterns
  • Rounded opening concentrates all that stimulation on your clit
  • Surrounding soft petals add texture for extra clitoral bliss
  • Base's rounded shape fits right into your hand for easy control
  • 2.6 inches long, 2.3 inches wide - perfect for personal pleasure
  • Rechargeable, includes magnetic USB charging cable with stand
  • Runs up to 90 minutes per charge, recharges in 75 minutes

The Happy Meeting Rose Stimulator's shape sets a romantic mood - but its powerful pulsating suction is all about getting you over the finish line.

Just place the Happy Meeting Rose's rounded opening right over hot spots like your nipples or clitoris. Turn it on and you'll feel tiny puffs of air pulsate around you, stimulating your erogenous zones with more precision and power than the best oral. Explore three steady speeds including low, medium, high. Then take your clit on a rollercoaster ride with 7 patterns including repeating bursts, combinations of fast and slow pulses and more. The combined 10 functions give you so many ways to experience the Happy Meeting magic.

With quiet operation and a design that fits right into your hand, it's easy to keep this sex toy your private plaything - or fire it up during foreplay or sex for an extra boost to clitoral fun. 

Remember to wash up with mild soap and rinse with warm water before and after use or use favorite toy cleaner. 

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